Social media is the most popular hangout place and the platform where people hover around for most of the time these days, especially the millennial. The power of social media is no more leashed down, and the brands are aware of the enormous reach and impact of social media over the people. 

Keeping all the statistics in mind, the marketers are emphasizing on advertising over social media, and so social media marketing is booming.  

Social media marketing is attracting a lot of customers and popularizing the brands more than ever. With so much said about social media usage in business, it is beneficial for marketers and businesses to remain aware of the latest trends in social media for businesses 2020.

  1. Dependency on Applause Rate and Engagement Rate 

The number of likes, shares, favorites, and comments on a post is an important social metric known as the audience applause rate. Similar to this, marketers use to deduce their brand success rate with an average engagement rate. With respect to the number of brand followers, the number of applauses (likes, shares, comments, etc.) the post received is called the average engagement rate. 

An increase in these deterministic metrics means that the product is performing great in the market and is being liked by the people and reaching out largely to the public. 

Looking at the statistics, it can be mentioned that the engagement of the contents is determined using likes and comments by 72% marketers, whereas 62% of them consider shares and retweets to be the most determining engagement metrics. 

2. Powerful Social Ads 

Ad Contents on social media are evolving, and marketers are now getting exposed to the huge benefits of social media ads. 

Consumers have started accepting and recognizing the ease of shopping on social media. Knowing this, the marketers are leaving no stones unturned in advertising on social media, with powerful and unique advertisements. 

Facebook Market Place and Instagram Shopping have emerged as the top shopping platforms, having a reach of consumers of almost all the generations. 

Facebook Marketplace is used in 70 countries with a customer network of 800 million people per month. Facebook revealed that the Marketplace witnessed a sale of $40 billion, in 2017. 

The huge statistics strongly emphasizes that social media ads with the option to place a purchase order are a trending business strategy for the brands. 

3. Stories 

Stories are the ultimate tools for reaching out with the products to social media users. 

The statistics of Facebook stories to have touched the milestone of 500 million users per day, says enough of the power of the Social Media Stories. 

With many engrossing options, stories are optimizing social media marketing. Using the highlights option, the important campaigns can remain available on the account for the visitors. 

Another powerful action option is provided on the stories by adding the UTM codes, which is the URL link mentioned in the story, that leads to the product website page upon clicking or ‘swiping up’.  

Not only these, but the stories can also be made more interactive by adding the special features of Q&A, opinion polls, etc.

4. Video Content 

Videos have always been the most appealing form of social media ads. 

With 55% of people watching online videos per day, and video content being able to increase up the number of shares to 1200%, the statistics shout out the power of video content on social media.   

HubSpot reported that 54% of the customers want to receive more video feeds, from the products they like, follow, and have subscribed to the channels. 

Facebook video contents of the brands skyrocketed by 258%, whereas the YouTube videos viewership projected by 99%, in 2017.