The world is advancing at a swift pace, and synchronizing our learning according to the latest market trends is, indeed, difficult.
The core skills that the workforce requires for a particular job will experience a drastic change by 2022, says a report by World Economic Forum and LinkedIn.
The constant learning of newer skills is of utmost importance, as it enhances the career by enriching an individual’s portfolio.
The latest technological upskilling landscape shouts out the chants of the 5 most robust technical disciplines which include Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Data Science, Cyber Security, and Cloud Computing.
Being the hottest business-implementing technologies, acquiring the skills required to become a professional in the domain, and getting an insight into the market and salaries are the good-to-know facts.
Let us dive in!

Artificial intelligence Indian enterprise market size of AI is $230 million.
The growth CAGR of the AI market in the nation is 200-250%.
Bengaluru, followed by Delhi-NCR houses the most robust AI ecosystem.
The skilled professionals in the field of AI are enjoying the most exquisite savories.
The skyrocketing statistics of AI implementation in the industries have increased the demand for more and more talented AI professionals in the market.
The global talent-shortage has affected the demand and salary of AI professionals. An ordinary CS engineer is offered an entry salary of 3-3.5 lakhs, whereas the AI professional offerings are 5.5-6 lakhs.
The skyrocketing statistics of AI implementation in the industries have increased the demand for more and more talented AI professionals in the market.
Hottest AI Job Roles:

Machine Learning Engineer
Average Base Pay – ₹8,01,201/annum

Required Skill Sets
Python, Java, and Scala
Excellent mathematical and analytical skills
Certifications related to ML.
Signal processing techniques
Data modeling
Data evaluation

Data Scientist
Average Base Pay – ₹10,07,856/annum

Required Skill Sets
SAS, R, Hadoop, and Python
Expert analysis of raw (unstructured) data
Machine Learning

Computer Vision Engineer
Average Base Pay – ₹14,619/month

Required Skill Sets
Linear algebra
TensorFlow framework
OpenCV library

India’s Blockchain market size is expected to reach $4.34 billion by 2025.
The market is growing at a CAGR of 47.3%.
Vizag is the market hub for blockchain technology.
To meet the heavy requirement of the industries to safeguard their confidential data, and also of their clients has led to the increased inclination towards blockchain technology.
Knowing the importance of blockchain technology, the state of Kerala announced the production of 20,000 blockchain professionals as a target of two years.

Hottest Blockchain Job Roles

Blockchain Developer
Average Base Pay – ₹375,000/annum

Required Skill Sets
Object-oriented programming languages like Java, C++, etc.
Bitcoin whitepaper, distributed ledgers, and cryptographic hash functions are the essential learning requirements
Data structures

Blockchain Project Manager
Average Base Pay – ₹ 14,22,000/annum
Required Skill Sets
Programming Languages like Java, C++, Go, etc.
Hashing and Cryptography

Blockchain Designer
Average Base Pay – ₹ 5,94,113/annum

Required Skill Sets
Python, Ruby, Java, C++
Cryptocurrencies and Hashing

Data Science
The Indian market of Big Data, Data Science, and Analytics is already a ₹ 17,615 crore one and is expected to grow ₹ 1,30,000 crore in size, by 2025.
The market is flourishing with a CAGR of 33.5%.
The largest contributor to the revenue in the blockchain market is Delhi-NCR with a share of $759 million (nearly 28%). Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, and Kolkata are among the other largest revenue makers of the Indian blockchain market.
The Data Science industry has recorded a major shift in recent years and emerged out as one of the most sought-after career options in recent times.
Hottest Blockchain Job Roles

Data Engineer
Average Base Pay – ₹ 8,37,224/annum

Required Skill Sets
Components of Data Architecture
SQL and other databases
Hadoop Analytics
Different OS
Data warehousing
ETL tools

Business Analyst
Average Base Pay – ₹ 7,00,000/annum

Required Skill Sets
Python, R, SQL
Data Modelling and Visualization

The cybersecurity market in India is estimated to become a big-fat market of $3.05 billion by 2022.
The CAGR of the Indian cybersecurity market is a healthy figure of 15.6%.
Cyber-attacks and security breaches are the biggest threats to the industry.
Protecting the data and advancing the security systems is the need of the hour, and the experts in the field of cybersecurity are hugely demanded by almost all the companies, that work on a big set of data.
Hottest Blockchain Job Roles

Cybersecurity Analyst
Average Base Pay – ₹ 4,96,029/annum

Required Skill Sets
C, C++, Java
Various OS
Disassemblers and assembly languages
Cybersecurity certifications

Network Security Engineer
Average Base Pay – ₹ 5,33,922/annum

Required Skill Sets
Ethical Hacking and secure programming knowledge
IPS/IDS, vulnerability, and penetration checking
Different OS
MySQL and MSSQL Databases
Web and Network Protocols

Security Architect
Average Base Pay – ₹ 23,82,678 / annum

Required Skill Sets
Risk Assessment Procedures
Security attack pathologies
ITIL, ISO 27001/27002, and COBIT frameworks
IPS/IDS, firewall
DNS, authentication, routing, etc.
Cloud risk assessment techniques

Cloud Computing
Indian cloud computing will skyrocket to $7.1 billion by 2022, as predicted by Nasscom.
The CAGR of cloud computing is 22%.
Since the IoT technology went mainstream across the nation, the need for storage and easy access to data across geographical barriers went on a hike.
The solution to the problem lies in cloud platforms, that allow secured storage of large sets of data, and simplifies
access from anywhere and at any time.
The companies require skilled cloud professionals, who can administrate and maintain the cloud platforms, and so, cloud computing is a surged career option these days.
Hottest Blockchain Job Roles

Cloud Engineer
Average Base Pay – ₹ 12,01,527/annum

Required Skill Sets
Multi-cloud environments
Software development
Scripting Languages

Cloud Administrator
Average Base Pay – ₹ 10,21,000/annum
Required Skill Sets
System management

Cloud Architect
Average Base Pay – ₹ 13,99,666/annum

Required Skill Sets
Python, Java, C++
Data storage and security fundamentals