A huge $1.1 trillion business is expected from the IoT devices by 2026, says a report by Fortune Business InsightsGartner Reports revealed that there will be 25 billion IoT devices around the globe by 2021.

These eye-popping numbers and statistics indicate that IoT is a big player in the technological market, making the top trends of IoT worth knowing for all.

So, here, we bring to you the Top IoT Trends :

Cities Getting Smarter

Cities are rapidly growing and are marching towards the much sought-after smart city model. 

The most desired smart city model has IoT as its backbone and has the features of efficient pollution and waste management, smart parking facilities and traffic management, and advanced infrastructure. 

The IoT is the major building block of smart cities and is the major tool to utilize the city’s infrastructure, management of roadways, and helping the citizens.

Blockchain Security

The IoT devices and software maintain a big amount of data, which might be confidential too. So, the primary concern that emerges out here is the protection of these data from stealth and unlawful third-party attacks. 

Blockchain solves this issue by effectively securing the user data and help to build customer confidence for these devices or software.  

Smart Homes

Interactive homes were always a hot topic in the market. This will remain in trend for the years to come too.

Enabled with smart locks, automatic air conditioning, and many other features – smart homes are the need of the hour. These are built upon the IoT skeleton, where the technology is used in establishing a connection between the residents and the home equipment over the internet. 

Self-Driving Cars

The cars with ‘human-like intelligence that could change directions, slow down or speed up and take over other vehicles along with maintaining the traffic rules, all on their own have a very important role assigned to the Internet of Things technology. 

Edge Computing

The IoT devices maintain and work with a big amount of data.

Earlier, these enormous amounts of data were completely transferred to the cloud storage by the IoT devices which used to give birth to huge network traffic.

To reduce the rush, the industries are turning towards ‘Edge Computing’.

In Edge Computing, the data is first transferred to local storage, where the operations are performed over it. Thereafter, a portion of the entire data is transferred to cloud storage. Thus, reducing the traffic to a great extent and fasting up the device procedures.

Sensor Innovation

The environmental data like temperature, humidity, movements, and many other parameters are provided to the IoT device using sensors.

The sensors, thus are an integral component for IoT devices and so, eyes are laid upon the innovation of newer, better, and advanced sensors that can measure various other parameters of the surroundings. 

Better Assistance

We are looking up for better decision-making or assisting IoT devices in the future.

The Artificially Intelligent devices will have a sounder connection between individuals and the devices, which will provide us with better assistance using developed analytical skills.