With the new year knocking at the door, new goals for learning has to be set.

To help setting targets, we analyzed the market trends and the demands and bring to you

Top 12 technical skills that software engineers should learn in 2020 to give a hike to their careers.

  1. Python

Python is considered to be the most easy-to-learn programming language due to its syntax resembling simple English.

Being very easy and fast, top companies like Instagram (uses Python along with Django), Google, Facebook, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube (uses Python in combination with Apache Spark), Netflix, Quora, Reddit, and SurveyMonkey chose Python as their preferred language.


2. Java

Java has a huge developer community. Java developers earn big amount and are among the most demanded developers in the world.

With about 7 billion devices running on the Java platform, it has become one of the most sought-after languages.

PwC, Cognizant, Wipro, HCL, Accenture, Infosys, TCS, Square, and Pandora incorporated Java as the basic development platform. E-Commerce giants like Flipkart, eBay and Myntra are based on Java programming language.


3. C/C++

Old is gold.

C/C++ programmers will not see a decrease in their market demand in the years to come.

Being the parent language for JavaScript, Python, Verilog, Perl, Limbo and many other programming languages, getting hands-on practice over the concepts of C/C++ facilitates a better understanding of its derived languages.

Tech giants like Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Mozilla and SAP have their roots in C/C++.


4. C#

C# hast vast applications in various fields, especially in Windows app development. It runs on .NET platform of Microsoft.

Top companies like Intel and BlackBerry have C# as their backbone.

C# is among the top 5 in Stack Overflow, PYPL PopularitY of Programming Language Index, IEEE Spectrum and Tiobe Programming Community Index rankings in 2019.

5. JavaScript

JavaScript has revolutionized the field of web development. With HTML and CSS, JavaScript is an essential tool for building brilliant websites.

PayPal, Walmart, Uber, Groupon are the big names that make use of JavaScript.


6. Golang

Designed at Google, Golang has vast applications.

There are not many developers for Go, hence learning graph of the language is witnessing continuous growth. 


7. PHP

PHP is a very popular scripting language that is used for creating web applications and building static and dynamic websites.

Popular websites that are built on PHP are yahoo.com, wikipedia.org, and wordpress.com.


8. Swift

Swift, by Apple, is the best choice for the developers, who develop apps and programs for iOS, Linux and MacOS.

Swift is very easy to learn and the developers are highly paid.


9. React

React is an efficient JavaScript library that is used to build user interfaces.

New York Times, Dropbox, Pinterest, Timber, and many other apps make extensive use of React.


  • React is declared the best front-end frameworks by Github in 2019
  • It is the most loved, most wanted and 2nd most popular web framework in Stack Overflow 2019 rankings.

10. Docker

Docker is the most popular container engine that uses the same hardware to run many applications.

SLALOM, JPMorgan Chase, LLC are some of the top companies that use Docker.

Docker is declared as the most wanted and 2nd most loved platform by Stack Overflow in 2019.

11. AWS Certification

The cloud networking engineers are in huge demand and AWS Certification is a feather in the cap. This highly valuable certification is used to validate the cloud computing skills.

The certified engineers witness rapid growth in their career and are employed to high salary positions.

12. Spring Framework

Spring Framework is a very popular and powerful, yet light and easy framework used for developing Java-based applications.

The top companies that make use of Spring Framework include Fitbit, OpenGov, Intuit, Zillow and many others.

Spring is among the top 10 most popular and most wanted web frameworks and is among the top 5 most loved frameworks in Stack Overflow 2019 rankings.

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