PPC: Pay Per Click

Are you looking for more clicks, leads and sales? Do you want to outshine your competitors on SERP? Do you want increase your conversion rate?

Get instant results with Pay per click services(Paid Ads) as it ll bring more leads!

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Pay per click is a highly controllable and cost effective way to earn a top spot in Google and other search engines result page. We provide following PPC Services:

Paid Search Advertising
Get your business ad in front of the active users who are looking for your type of product or service on search engines. Increase return on investment and grow your business. Pay only when user clicks on the ad is directed towards your website/blog.
Paid Display Advertising
The visual appeal and right targeting makes display advertising best bet for businesses. Display ads are paid ads that appear in front of users while they’re surfing the web. Display ads are engaging, attention grabbing, visually appealing, measurable and has a wide reach. Build awareness and generate leads with display ads.
Paid Social Media Advertising
Social Media Advertising has better reach than Display ads and lower CPC than Search Marketing. So Social Media ads are a powerful tool if executed well. Focus on Social targeting, re-marketing and lead generation with social media advertising. We provide PPC services for Facebook ads, Instagram Ads, Linked In Marketing, and Twitter Ads.

The Pay per click campaign(Google Ads, Facebook Ads) has following steps:

Website Analysis
Keyword Research
Account Set Up
Campaign Launch
Proactive Management
Advanced Reporting