SMO : Social Media Optimization

Social Media Marketing is a powerful way to reach out to a wide range of targeted audiences and build awareness about a brand. In today’s digital era, smart phones are in every hand and usage of social networking sites like face-book and Instagram is very common.

So it has become easy to tell our story through social mediums as the listeners are plenty and ready if you have something interesting to share.

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As we know Digital Marketing is “80% storytelling and 20% selling” and “Best marketing does not feel like marketing”. The objective of any business is to reach out to its niche audience and educate them about your brand’s products and services as customers don’t want to be sold to, rather they want to be educated. Social media has the power to take your message to thousands of people and build your reputation instantly.

There are four steps in customer’s social media journey:

Before attracting your customers it’s important to know them so that we target the right people. Only the right audience will stay and listen.
Social media users want to be engaged in terms of information and value for their time and money. If we are offering something worth their time for only then they are going to tick, else they will move on. So keeping them entertained and informed with intriguing posts and content is very important.
Happy customers are lifelong customers and they bring in more customers with word of mouth. So a delightful customer experience is important to grow the business. Whatever is offered to them should be delivered.
Cultivating the audience online is a challenging task. It’s like nurturing their needs regularly and giving them a good return for their time and money. Consider giving away a short trial, a free e-book. A discount code, or even liking their page back. This will help you earn valuable followers.