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MEAN is an open-source JavaScript-based software stack used for developing dynamic applications and websites. Being a user-friendly stack, MEAN helps enterprises build rapid prototypes for their web apps in an organized manner. MEAN stack contains four technologies, namely MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. MongoDB supports data storage and retrieval through its schema-free NoSQL database systems. The ExpressJS framework allows users to get responses by making requests to databases. To accept these requests and view the output, end-users require the AngularJS framework. And, the NodeJS server-side environment manages these client-side server requests.


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    A MEAN stack developer is a programmer who uses extensive JavaScript knowledge and skillset to performs all these operations for back-end and front-end application development. The key roles of a MEAN stack developer are to take part in CSS and HTML web development, develop website design on the specified database architecture, and enable agile development in the SDLC.



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