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NodeJS is a cross-platform runtime environment used for executing codes in JavaScript programming language. Enterprises can build server-side real-time network applications outside the browser, on a NodeJS RTE. NodeJS developers use JavaScript command-line tools for running server-side scripts to build dynamic webpage content prior to its deployment to the user web browser.


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NodeJS developers are proficient with JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS and ExpressJS. Their understanding of asynchronous programming makes them solution architects for creating quick and effective workarounds. Front-end technologies such as CSS3, XML, and HTML5 are prominently used by NodeJS developers to develop interactive web UI. The key role of a NodeJS developer is to ensure accessibility and security compliance with code versioning tools such as Git. NodeJS developers are also deeply involved with application design, database management, advanced caching, full-stack support services, cloud infra migration, and server-side user authentication.



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