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VueJS is an open-source JavaScript framework used for developing single-page applications and UIs with the Model-View-ViewModel architecture. Focused on component composition and declarative rendering, the VueJS framework builds complex application UIs for state management and routing purposes. Enterprises need the VueJS framework for its simple integration with other applications and JavaScript frameworks. With the help of VueJS developers, enterprises can create more interactive user-facing applications.


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    The key role of VueJS developers is to optimize application performance by building components and libraries for modularity and reusability. Their proficiency with modern ES6+ syntax supports server-side rendering and the development of core components, virtual DOMs, RESTful APIs and reactive elements. VueJS developers can also improve the UI of web applications with functional and object-oriented programming paradigms. After development, VueJS developers are also helpful in testing the UI applications on Mocha, Jest and other JavaScript-based testing environments.



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