SPS Culture

Our Winning Culture

Appreciation and rewards for every task done well
Employee-friendly policies and practical guidelines
Recreational and team building activities
Equality is our motto when treating employees
Transparent working environment
Dedicated Developers
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Entrepreneurial Work Approach

Taking accountability for our actions and in-actions
Using a steward system that focuses on building value
Rewarding our people for taking risks and finding better ways to solve problems
Learning from our outcomes— what worked and what didn’t

Our Core Values


Show courage and take risks for a better future


Come together with the best talents


No hidden truths, it should be all out there for everyone to see


No one to blame but ourselves for the actions taken


Always remember it and fuel it whenever it dims


No two brands are similar and so the services provided shouldn’t be either


We live by this; it cannot be anything less than excellent

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We are Smart Workers
Urgent tasks are treated with urgent actions
Change is constant, and we are ever ready for it
Never afraid to change strategies when required
Our mantra- never be content with the results, there is always scope to do it the better way
Be consistently efficient
Focus, Focus, Focus
What do our customers need?
What’s trending in the market and how are competitors implementing it?
How to introduce /execute the planned strategies in the market?
Is there anything new to focus on?
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