Let’s Collaborate

Staffing People Services has a partnership program developed by experts. The main aim of our partnership program is to provide a comprehensive business solution that caters to different businesses’ needs differently.

Who We Partner With?


Product Companies

If the sole purpose of your company is to promote and improve the presence of your products online, we are the partners you are looking for. We give you talents that design strategies to help you target the right audience and perk up your sales through well-planned and executed promotions.


IT Companies

Need to launch or enhance the web page or app of your company? Our in-house software developers to the rescue! They are adept at working on various technological platforms along with developing apps and web pages that are guaranteed to boost your business.


Digital Agencies

Like you we are passionate about going digital with our business. With the help of our pool of talented developers and outsourcers, you will be working with a team that is dedicated and skilled to deliver as per your expectations.

Why Partner with SPS?

To enjoy these benefits!

We are well-versed with our craft

Not boasting, but we are people who possess in-depth knowledge about our field. When you work with us, you can expect detailed case studies, solutions, documentations, etc. pertaining to your project.

We work hard

We ensure we add the fuel of diligence and hard work to our engine of knowledge and expertise. This to ensure we deliver beyond your expectations. Always.

We offer support post-delivery

After we have put in our best for your project, we further gain your trust by offering you our post-delivery support services. We offer production support, warranties among others to ensure hurdle less and guaranteed success.

Training assistance

We are always glad to share our knowledge with our partners. We offer training programs for latest technologies and more to ready our partners for the growing competition.

Have a Look At Our Various Partnership Models


Whether you are a growing business, established firm or just starting from scratch, you always need extra helping hands. By entering partnership with SPS through Sub-Contracting, you say goodbye to some of the burden related to outsourcing and software development.

Agency Relationship

In this partnership model, we, your agents, establish relations with clients among other tasks to help you take your business to new heights.

Tri-Party Agreement

This model helps you strike a business deal between the end client, us and you. This partnership model is suitable for projects that involve debt financing.